Get organized, and never lose track of your stuff.SM

We believe life is better when things are organized and easy to find.
Our company revolves around this simple philosophy, that every thing has its place, and that things should be easy to find when they are needed. We are passionate about organization and look at the spaces where things are kept as potential libraries. Our drive is fueled every time someone hears about what we have created and quickly thinks of how it can help them, often in a way we didn't imagine.

About Tub Track

On this page, you will find information about getting started with one of our Track'It Packets, using the Tub Track App, and using the Tub Track Platform.

Getting Started with a Track'It Packet

A Track'It Packet makes it easy to get going with Tub Track, and it provides you with pre-printed labels, so you don't need your own label printer. You can order more labels as you need them.

The most important things to remember when you are first getting started with a Track'It Packet are:

  • The packet includes an Activation Code for the Free Subscription, a Space Code label for your first "Storage Space" (Home, Garage, Storage Unit, etc.), and pre-printed labels.
    • When you activate your Track'It Packet, you register for your free account and identify your first Storage Space.
  • Email is Critical!
    • Note: If you don't see a message from us, check your Spam folder.
    • All communications are done through email, so you must provide a valid email address, and then verify it by clicking the link in the message you receive from us.
    • The first email we send when you activate and submit your registration information contains important details about your account (Login, Password, App User Code, Space Code), so we recommend you print or save it, or both!
  • App User Code: This is your User Code, and it's all you need to log into the Tub Track App. When you tap the Get Started button, you will be asked to set your code, then it will remain set each time you open the app, unless you change it.
  • Space Code: This is the Location identifier for your Storage Space. You only need to scan (or manually enter) it in the Tub Track App when you are performing location scanning on your stuff.

Using the Tub Track App

There are numerous things you can do with the Tub Track App, almost everything you can do with the Tub Track Platform.

There is an "Info" button on the app which provides information about the various uses.

The first step in using the Tub Track App is to make sure that your User Code is set.

  • Location Scanning:
    1. Tap the button to scan the Location Barcode, or enter the code manually.
      • There are two types of location codes: SC- (Storage Space) and PC- (specific Places you set up within a Storage Space using the Tub Track Platform's Organizing funtion).
    2. Tap the button to scan the Tub Tracking Barcode, or enter the code manually.
    3. Tap the Send Scan button.
    4. Note: You can continue location scanning if you lose your data connection; when it comes back, just tap the Send Offline Scans button, then continue scanning if you have more to do.
  • Track Stuff (displays the name and location of the Storage Space where it was last scanned):
    1. Tap the button to scan the Tub Tracking Barcode, or enter the code manually.
    2. Tap the Track this TTC button.
  • Describe Stuff
    • Add a Description or Keywords to the selected TTC to enable searching:
      1. Tap the button to scan the Tub Tracking Barcode, or enter the code manually.
      2. Enter the Description or Keywords.
      3. Tap the Save for this TTC button.
    • If the TTC is placed on a container, you can identify individual items (searchable):
      1. Tap the button to scan the Tub Tracking Barcode, or enter the code manually.
      2. Enter an Item Name.
      3. Enter the Quantity of that Item in the container.
      4. Tap the Add to this TTC button.
  • Find Stuff:
    1. Enter your Search Term.
    2. Tap the Find Matching Stuff button.
    3. You will see a list of all matches by TTC then by Item.
  • Activate a Label Packet:
    1. Enter Activation Code.
    2. Tap the Activate Labels button.
    3. All labels in the packet will now be active and assigned to you.

Using the Tub Track Platform

The Tub Track Platform is a powerful tool for getting organized and tracking your stuff.

To learn more about the functions, log in. There is a summary on the Home Menu.

Storage Space Organization is one of the most important functions of the Platform. It allows you to essentially turn any space into a library.

Just the Basics

Garage (or Storage Unit)

So, you have a bunch of stuff, let's say in the garage, and you want to get it all weeded out and stored.

  • Decide where you are going to store things.
  • Go through the stuff and separate it into: trash, donate or garage sale, put away in another place, and store in the garage.
  • Buy a Track'It Packet and activate it.
  • Open the Tub Track App, set your User Code, scan the Location Barcode for your garage (Storage Space) or enter it manually (if you want to print a label or sign with the Location Code, find the Storage Space in the Tub Track Platform by clicking the Locations button).
  • Pack and Store your stuff:
    1. Grab an item or container, place a label on it, and scan the Tub Tracking Barcode, or enter it manually.
    2. Tap the Send Scan button.
    3. Enter a description of the item or keywords.
    4. Tap the Save for this TTC button.
    5. Place the item where you want it in the garage.
    6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you are finished packing and storing all your Tubs.
  • Now, any time you want to find something, just use the Tub Track App to locate it.